In this work, several questions are raised.

The first question lies in the chosen support: a stack of posters collected from a street wall and bought into the gallery’s white box. Can this single gesture turn rubbish into art? Or is my poster – pasted on top of all the other ones in the street – the element that adds value and makes this an artwork?

The second part of this work explores the perception of the value of street art. For that, I printed posters of a single image and pasted them around the city – returning the work back as street art and changing the perceived value once again.

Finally, the image in the poster deals with the concerns of the image itself in a world where much of the human experience happens through an electronic screen – a mobile phone or a camera.

Nowadays, experiences are validated by social media “likes”. It no longer matters if something is really being lived and experienced. What matters is that your network knows about all your amazing experiences, and perceives that this carefully edited life is fabulous.

So, what is the quest of these images? Envy, jealousness, acceptance, validation, or memory and real documentation?

This work was developed during an artist residency at Takt Residency, Berlin, and exhibited at Kunstraum Tapir, in September 2014.

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